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I began Cub Scouts with Pack 710 (chartered through the Lamplighter School) during my first grade in 2011.  After completing the Webelos program, I joined BSA Troop 68 (chartered through Highland Park United Methodist Church) in 2016 as a fifth grader at the Greenhill School.  During these early years of my Scouting career, I developed my love of hiking and camping.
In the fall of 2019, I was elected by my Troop to the role of ASPL, and I also completed my requirements for the rank of Life.  In the spring of 2020, I assumed the role of SPL and began my requirements for the rank of Eagle.  During this period, COVID-19 interrupted normal life as we had known it.  One of the consequences of those changes was the movement of our Troop's weekly in-person meetings to weekly online meetings.  I am proud to have led my Troop into this new chapter of our Troop's history with the establishment of the first-ever Troop 68 Zoom virtual meeting.  As of early 2021, Troop 68 still follows my original Zoom model.

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